About us

Publication of scientific journals has been a major activity of the Academy since its formation in 1934 and the Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Parts A and B began publication that very year. The Academy today publishes 10 journals, several of which grew out of the original Proceedings.

In 1978, the Proceedings split into several themes and today these are (in the intervening years, there have been some changes in the earlier names) Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences, Sadhana – Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences, Journal of Chemical Sciences, Journal of Earth System Science, and Journal of Biosciences.

In 1985, the Academy took over publication of the Journal of Genetics, which is among the oldest English language journals in genetics, having been founded in 1910.

New journals that have been launched include Pramana – journal of Physics in 1973, Bulletin of Materials Science in 1979, Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy in 1980, and Resonance – journal of science education in 1996

Our publication programme is guided by the principle that no journal published by the Academy should be in direct competition with other journals published in the country. To the extent possible, the Academy co-operates with other agencies in bringing out its journals, contributions to which are peer-reviewed.