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Volume - 1, Section - Commentary


Mapping Patents and Research Publications of Higher Education Institutes and National R&D Laboratories of India

Ravi Dhar

This study will be of help to the academia and national R&D organizations to understand how major academic and R&D organizations of eminence in India have contributed towards the progress in various research and intellectual property rights (IPR) activities around the country.

Published: 28 December 2018


Sexual Harassment in Academic Sciences, Engineering and Medicine: A Report

Padmini Swaminathan

The growing incidence of sexual harassment in the United States in academia is alarming. More so, as an increasing number of women are entering various science, engineering and medical establishments as students and faculty. Given the increased incidence of sexual offences, the findings of this Report gain universal relevance, in STEM institutions in particular.

Published: 29 October 2018


Gender and Sexual Harassment in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine: A New Report

Vineeta Bal

This is not intended to be a book review. Instead, it is a comment apropos of the June 2018 publication of a study report titled 'Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine' released by the National Academies Press, USA (2018). Soon, some so-called 'elite' science journals took note of the report and gave it a good amount of publicity.

Published: 29 October 2018